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119 West 23rd Street Ste 404

New York City, NY 10011

Techdad is New York City's best & most patient tech support & installation team. We understand that utilizing everyday technology can be frustrating. Our proactive technicians can help you and your residents overcome any technology challenge.

We specialize in tech solutions for: TV mounting, WiFi setups, cabling, computer cleanup, smart home products, smart lighting & shading and so much more!

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This service gives members instant access to LNY in house DHCR, HPD, and Property Management Counselors for immediate help when you need it.

Our concierge service offers unlimited access & guaranteed response time.

Just like a concierge at a hotel who knows how to guide guests and to remove some of the uncertainty of trying something new, our staff counselors goal is to provide information and guidance to landlords and to take much of the uncertainty out of owning and operating a property in New York.

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