Perennial Construction Solutions
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19 West 21st Street


New York, NY 10010

Perennial Construction Solutions is a general contracting company that works with institutional investors and property management companies who own or manage portfolios that are in the commercial/residential market.

Perennial plays a key role in streamlining the essential processes of maintenance and construction in order to drive rents and increase profitability by specializing in apartment turns programs, general occupied maintenance, interior renovations, and capital projects.

Perennial Construction Solutions has proudly serviced properties and residences throughout the Tri-State area. We have years of experience in the General Construction field and supplement our team of 100+ employees with a broad array of experienced subcontractors capable of handling your most vital projects.

Our commitment to create and utilize technology to help facilitate our entire corporate process is what sets us apart and ensures complete customer satisfaction with stress-free and on time job completion. Deeply understanding our clients’ needs allows us to perform our work from a point of partnership.

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