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What is LandlordsNY?

LandlordsNY is the first social network exclusively for vetted New York landlords and property managers. LandlordsNY is a platform for obtaining free advice from industry experts, trusted vendor referrals, a private forum to communicate with peers on any number of management issues, and aggregator of forms and resources to help members run a successful business.

Where are you located?

Our business office is located at 545 8th Ave Suite 1270, New York, NY 10018.

Are you in states other than New York?

We are currently only serving New York with plans to expand.

Who runs LandlordsNY?

LandlordsNY is a brainchild collaboration of area landlords who have been working in their respective fields in New York for many years. Our staff consists of web developers, property managers, researchers, sales associates, and member services to assist both landlords and vendors.

How do I contact you?

Email us at

What if I need to speak to someone live?

You can call us at (718) 704-0696 or click the “Concierge” button in the bottom right of your screen to message us directly.


How do I become a member?

It's easy! Just click "Sign Up" on the home page then provide our staff with the information required for approval. As long as you meet the minimum qualifications, you'll be approved within one business day.

How much does it cost?

LandlordsNY, for a limited time, is currently FREE to anyone who owns or manages multifamily or commercial property in New York as a business.

What are the membership requirements?

LandlordsNY membership is exclusive to those who own and manage property as a business in New York. For multifamily properties you must own or manage a building with a minimum of three units. For commercial property, you must own or manage either 5,000+ sf of office or retail space, or 10,000+ sf of industrial warehouse space.

What are the membership benefits?

LandlordsNY Membership includes all of the following benefits:

  1. A private forum to share information and advice with your peers.
  2. Concierge program for on-demand answers in real time via our live chat portal.
  3. An online, interactive lease updated to address issues like short-term rentals created by our Legal Advisor Itkowitz, PLLC.
  4. Direct access to various trade experts who will respond within 4 business hours to your inquiry.
  5. Our Energy Tracker Program, which syncs with your utility company to display your data on an interactive dashboard. It also allows you to set a budget & receive notification when cost exceeds budget.
  6. Tickets to our very popular bi-annual event, the LandlordsNY Property Management Symposium.
  7. A daily news briefing and blog with “need to know” information for our members.
  8. Important tips of the day, deadline reminders & calendar alerts.
  9. Representation and reporting from political events large & small scale (Rent Guidelines Board to City Council Meetings).
  10. Interactive vendor directory with bulk pricing from many top vendors. It will allow you to save on credit reports, online payments, commercial cleaning products & services, industry trade publications and more.
  11. Ability to attend member-only "Monthly Meet-up events"
  12. Participate in our "Purchase Power Program" and take advantage of special money saving offers from our Vendor partners.
  13. Resource Directory
  14. A daily email with need to know information including important dates, deadlines, and compliance tips.

When will I be approved?

Within one business day.

What is the Concierge Program?

Concierge Service grants members immediate access to LNY Staff Counselors who possess an intimate knowledge of information pertinent to landlords. This includes matters related to property management, compliance with New York State housing statutes, and any other questions that you may have on how to successfully oversee the daily operation of your building.

Just like a concierge at a hotel who knows how to guide guests and to remove some of the uncertainty of trying something new, our staff counselors goal is to provide information and guidance to landlords and to take much of the uncertainty out of owning and operating a property in New York.

How do I contact other landlords on your site?

Once you're approved as a member, you can contact other LandlordsNY members directly through the confidential landlord forum or by sending a private message to their inbox.

How do I update my member information?

You can access and edit your member profile at any time by logging in with your user name or email address and password.

Can I remain anonymous?

Absolutely. Your user ID is the only information seen by other landlord or property manager members. The public, vendors or brokers do not see your user ID. Your real name is never shown, unless you select it as your user ID.

How do I know that the forum is completely confidential?

The landlord forum is not accessible unless you are a landlord or property manager member who has met the membership requirements and been approved by our staff. Only your user ID is shown.

How do I contact your Experts (Legal, Violation, Loan, Energy, Tenant Screening)?

You can message our Experts at any time at no charge from the news feed or the Experts page on the site. Experts will respond to your question within 4 business hours.


How much does it cost?

We have a variety of membership plans to engage our exclusive audience of landlords and property managers and pricing varies according to which one you choose. Email for membership and advertising rates.

How do I list my business in the Vendor Directory?

To have your business listing seen by our exclusive network of qualified New York landlords and property managers simply email or call us today, we'll be happy to assist you! Email or call (718) 704-0696.

What does *LNY Certified* mean?

LNY Certified Vendors, noted by the gold star, have met the following requirements:

  1. Operate business in New York.
  2. There are no liens or lawsuits on the business.
  3. There are 5 testimonials and recommendations from LandlordsNY members who have used this business, seen on their vendor profile page.

How do the landlord recommendations take place and what do they mean?

A recommendation can be awarded voluntarily by any landlord or property manager logged into our site who has used a vendor and wishes to recommend and endorse them.

How quickly will my ad go up?

Pending review and approval, your ad will be live on our site within 24 hours of your payment.

I need to change my listing. How do I do that?

You may make any revisions to your profile or ad at any time by simply logging into your account with your username or email address and password.

Can I speak to your members?

LandlordsNY cannot share member's private information or contact details, but you can engage our audience through email blasts sent on your behalf, by making updates to your status that are seen by all of our members, by writing on our blog, which is seen by members and the public alike, through in-person engagements like our popular Property Management Symposium & other events. Our marketing department is highly skilled in creating plans that will maximize your efforts & exposure.

Welcome to LandlordsNY

Get answers when you need them.

This service gives members instant access to LNY in house DHCR, HPD, and Property Management Counselors for immediate help when you need it.

Our concierge service offers unlimited access & guaranteed response time.

Just like a concierge at a hotel who knows how to guide guests and to remove some of the uncertainty of trying something new, our staff counselors goal is to provide information and guidance to landlords and to take much of the uncertainty out of owning and operating a property in New York.

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