What Landlords Need to Know About Local Laws 92 & 94

We have been telling our members for years about the guaranteed ROI of upgrading to solar energy, beyond the obvious environmental benefits. Now it’s not just a suggestion, it’s the law. Local Laws 92 and 94 of 2019 require that roofs of certain buildings be covered in green roofs or solar PV systems. This is part of the “OneNYC 2050” program.

LandlordsNY Solar Expert, Best Energy Power, is an industry leader and New York State approved solar installer - meaning they consistently provide top performance and quality service, always utilizing tier 1 equipment.

Local Laws 92 & 94 apply to all new buildings, building expansions, and structural roof work.

There are state, local and federal incentives available. @Best Energy Power is well versed in all of the regulations and red tape required to be certain that your building is in compliance with these laws. They will also file all of the required paperwork with the City and the State on your behalf for these incentive programs.

If you currently have any construction or renovation projects, we strongly urge you to contact Best Energy Power to learn all you need to know about these laws and the steps to install solar in your building and avoid costly violations.

The easiest way to reach out is using our "Ask the Expert" page or you can email our friend Kevin (kevin@bestenergypower.com) with any questions you have regarding Local Laws 92 & 94, or solar in general, they are the experts after all!

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