What Landlords Need to Know About Lingineering Consulting

One of the most important services that a building owner can consider is an engineering and architecture consultant. In many ways, they are your building's primary care physician. They are the ones that are tasked with knowing each brick and every ounce of mortar in your building. Perhaps more importantly, they are responsible for devising a plan, a budget, and a schedule when you make Major Capital Improvements, Individual Apartment Improvements, renovations, and even somewhat minor alterations to your building. They also help landlords and owners comply with local laws (most notably Local Law 11) and navigate policies when renovating or rehabilitating historic buildings.

Because an engineering and architecture consultant is so vital to any landlord’s operation, you need to partner with a firm that you can trust and who will successfully see a project through from start to finish. Furthermore, you need a firm that is knowledgeable, flexible, and budget savvy. Luckily for LandlordsNY members, our newest vendor, Lingineering Consulting, fits the bill.

The founder of @Lingineering Consulting, Jean Lin, has decades of experience working in New York City and her firm has established a portfolio that ranges from Upper East Side mansions to massive multifamily buildings throughout the five boroughs. They have a long track record of exceptional work.

Lingineering also offers landlords significant ways to cut down on costs. They utilize a project management portal through their site that allows clients and contractors to view and offer bids on projects. This streamlines the project bidding process and ensures that the right contractor gets the job. Furthermore, the employees at Lingineering all work remotely. This model is another way that allows Lingineering to be more flexible and to cut down on overhead costs.

To learn more about how Lingineering's novel and efficient approach to consulting can help you with your next project, check out their site here. You can also contact them directly at 212.362.6008 or send them an email at contact@lingineering.com.

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