What Landlords Need to Know About Christmas Tree Removal

LandlordsNY Member

LandlordsNY Member

From Wednesday, January 2 through Saturday, January 12, the New York City Department of Sanitation will collect discarded Christmas trees free of charge. The trees will be turned into compost to fertilize city-owned gardens and parks.

Tenants need only strip trees of lights, decorations, and ornaments, and then leave them at the curb during the days noted above. The trees should not be wrapped in plastic or stuffed into bags. Furthermore, tree stands should not be discarded with trees. Tree stands should be put out with recycling.

If tenants have artificial trees that they no longer want, there are two options. Those with trees in good condition are encouraged to donate or sell them through donateNYC. If the tree is not in good condition or the tenant does not want to donate to charity for some reason, artificial trees can also be set out as garbage on regular collection days. If the tree contains metal poles, the moles should be separated into their smallest components and put out with recycling. As noted above, the same is true with tree stands.

If your tenants are feeling more festive, they can see their tree get turned into mulch at MulchFest. MulchFest runs from Friday, January 4 through Sunday, January 13. There are 68 drop-off sites in parks and gardens throughout the city (click on the link to find the closest one to your location). During the final weekend (January 12 and 13), 31 of the sites will give those who attend some mulch to take home.

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