Vendor Spotlight: Eric Eggert, Mackoul Risk Solutions

How long have you been in the business and how did you get started?

6½ years. I was eating dinner on a vacation when the owner of the company sat down next to me. This was before I worked here so we were meeting for the first time and we were talking about a bunch of different things; everything from Syracuse Basketball to what I was doing for a living. Not knowing I was on an interview at the time, I did everything they say you shouldn’t do. We were drinking (again it was vacation) and I was complaining about my boss. By the end of the dinner, he offered me a job and I took it. Best decision I ever made and I am very grateful to have the opportunities that they have given me at Mackoul Risk Solutions

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Syracuse and now live on long island with my wife, one year old twins and our two dogs. I love spending time with my family, hitting the beach, and any and all sports. I recently earned my CIC and CIRMS designations. Currently, I’m pursuing my CPCU so I can continue to inform and educate my clients.

What advice would you give to yourself if you were at the beginning of your career?

Not everyone is going to see the value in having an insurance broker that specializes in residential living. Sometimes they will not take your advice or accept a policy that you are offering, and that is okay. The important thing is to be honest and guide them as best you can and not take their decisions personally even when you know that thy may be making the wrong decision. Oftentimes those same people come back to you, respect that you told them how it really is, appreciate that you didn’t just yes them off, and tell them what they wanted to hear.

What do you find most hopeful in NY's real estate industry?

The new buildings that are being built are some of the most luxurious and technologically smart buildings that we have ever seen. I appreciate new ideas and new ways to revive older buildings that continue to make NYC one of the greatest cities in the world.

What do you find most concerning?

Sometimes too much technology can be a bad thing and cause human interaction to become non-existent. Although technology can make things more efficient, I do think that there will still be a need for face-to-face contact and I think we are moving away from that ideology at a very rapid pace.

If you were to do anything else, what would that be?

Physical Therapist

How do you think the business will be different in 10 years?

More automation and smarter technology. We are already on the brink of the next big thing and we always try to stay one-step ahead of our competitors.

What's your favorite quote?

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Tell us how your business helps landlords?

Insurance for residential living is our niche and makes up the vast majority of our business. We help create and customize insurance policies to protect the assets of landlords so that when a claim happens (and they will happen) that landlord can sleep easy knowing that the insurance policy will protect them from losing everything they have invested into their property.

If you'd like to learn more about our insurance vendor, check them out here @Mackoul Risk Solutions or goto

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