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Unused space is a costly waste, especially in New York City. While the most profitable way to utilize space in your building is to rent it out to a tenant, it’s not always feasible to do so. If you have vacant space that is on a floor that is more than half beneath curb level, it cannot be rented. This is when it makes sense to use that space to provide an amenity to your tenants. Though a doggy day spa or a state-of-the-art exercise room might be nice, most tenants are not expecting anything so glamorous. They want something utilitarian, like a laundry room. This can be a boon for you, as well. On top of being an amenity that increase the value of your building, a laundry room can also generate income.

If you choose to work with LandlordsNY’s Laundry Expert, Aces Laundry, you do not even have to make a capital investment. They will fully build-out an entire laundry facility by creating or upgrading walls, flooring, lighting, gas, electrical, and ventilation systems at no cost to you. Furthermore, they will handle any violations that may arise because of the installation or the operation of the machines. This means you will receive a new revenue stream without having to spend a penny, and that you will not worry about dealing with that inspector with the chip on his shoulder.

With @ACES Laundry, you won’t even have to train an employee to monitor the machines. Aces uses their own paperless and cashless software that is capable of remotely detecting errors or malfunctioning machines. Mechanics can be dispatched to make repairs before your tenants even notice something has gone awry. The cashless payment system allows for more convenience and ease, as tenants only have to swipe any major credit or debit card to do a load.

By installing just a few machines in a room that you’re not even using, Aces can help you improve tenant satisfaction and increase revenue—all at no cost to you.

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