The Right Marshal for the Job

Housing Court in New York City is an ordeal. Even if you happen to be completely in the right and the tenant is completely in the wrong, the law is written in such a way that it requires owners and managers to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that tenants have violated their lease. That this level of mercy may seem unfair to owners and managers is a given. However, your choices are to either curse de Blasio's name and hope that one of the most progressive areas in the United States votes in a business-friendly mayor, governor, and group of legislators, or you can accept the headwinds that you face and act accordingly. We've always advised doing the latter.

In this instance, it means going beyond just making sure that your attorney is dotting the i's and crossing the t's. You also need to have a reliable marshal who can act expeditiously and without flaw once you’ve successfully received a Judgment of Possession from Housing Court. You will need to call on a marshal to requisition the Warrant of Eviction, to service a Notice of Eviction, and to schedule an eviction date, which can be as early as six days from when the Warrant of Eviction is requisitioned—provided there are no additional orders from the court.

Without a marshal who is familiar with the bureaucratic labyrinth that is Housing Court and capable of advising landlords on the best ways to avoid the potential delays due to issues like human error, landlords can end up with an unwanted tenant sticking around for weeks if not months longer than they are legally allowed while the marshal awaits receipt of the Warrant of Eviction. This is why we advise using the LandlordsNY Expert, @NYC Marshal Robert Renzulli, Badge No. 49.

Marshal Renzulli's experience speaks volumes. He worked with the Kings County District Attorney's Office, rising to the level of Deputy Bureau Chief of the Money Laundering & Revenue Crimes Bureau. In 2012, he left the DA's office to become a marshal. Since then he has distinguished himself as an excellent leader and communicator who can ensure that the eviction process is carried out as quickly as possible.

If you are involved in an eviction proceeding and need to request the services of marshal, we recommend you reach out to Marshal Renzulli’s office. His office managers, Jessica Levine and Lissette Rooney, stand ready to assist you and will do everything possible to ensure that you are able to enforce your rights without unnecessary delay.

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