The Most Popular Amenities by Neighborhood

StreetEasy recently released a report that examines which amenities are popular within specific neighborhoods. While some amenities were popular on a city-wide basis—pet friendly policy, doorman, elevator, in-unit washer and drier, and laundry in building being, in that order, the top five—many others were only popular in specific neighborhoods.

Some were not surprising at all. In the neighborhoods adjacent to Downtown Brooklyn and in much of South Brooklyn, outdoor space was the most popular. In the East Village, Lower East Side, Bed-Stuy, Bushwick, and Crown Heights, renters were most frequently looking for an apartment where guarantors were accepted. In Midtown, renters wanted either a doorman building or a furnished apartment; much of Queens demanded parking more often than any other amenity; and having a loft was absolutely key in artistic hubs like Williamsburg, Soho, and Tribeca.

Some of the top spots, however, were surprising. Queens residents really value their pets, Battery Park City tenants are gym rats, renters in the West Village want a fireplace more than anything else, and the only areas where elevators were the most popular amenity were Manhattan Valley and the Civic Center—a “neighborhood” that may be the only place in the city with fewer residents than Willets Point.

What stood out, however, is that laundry facilities were popular in a wide range of areas, from Washington Heights and Harlem, to Roosevelt Island and Hunts Point, all the way down to East Flatbush.

If you have a building in one of these neighborhoods, we have some good news. Aces Laundry will build out a laundry facility in your building and it won’t cost you one red cent.

No matter the size, Aces Laundry will build out a laundry room in your building at no upfront costs. They will also use their state-of-the-art software to oversee and care for all the machines in the laundry room. From a remote location, they can track transactions, monitor usage, and, most importantly, be alerted when a machine needs service. This means zero calls from angry tenants and zero in maintenance costs because Aces sends one of their own workers to fix any problems that may arise. @ACES Laundry will even pay for and correct any laundry-related violations that your building may receive from a city agency.

Adding a laundry room to your building will do more than just attract tenants. It can also bring in additional revenue. More than just increasing the amount you can charge more in rent, you will also be able to collect a revenue stream from the operation of the machines.

By working with Aces, you get to win three times over. First, you get one of the city’s most popular amenities in your building for free. Second, this will have an impact on tenant satisfaction, increase rents, and possibly reduce tenant turnover. Finally, you introduce a revenue stream that can have a major impact on your bottom line.

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