Technology & Building Emissions: Creating a Greener Future

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Inner city properties, or those in lower-income/under-developed neighborhoods, often have some of the highest energy costs in America. Some of these costs can consume up to 30 percent of the total operating budget of a building. With new local laws requiring buildings to lower their building emissions, our industry is seemingly bombarded with technology initiatives leaving many building owners baffled, confused, and overwhelmed.

To put it straight, the climate is changing and to combat this jeopardizing change, humans must change as well. With many data points, debates, and climate initiatives - we are inundated with copious amounts of information. We know one thing for sure, controlling pollution will be essential to future societies; whether it be emissions, garbage, or bacteria control.

Amongst all these emerging “green tech” companies, one that uniquely stands out to us @BlocPower is a company that not only looks to transform the future of building emissions, but also create economic opportunities within low-income communities. The organization brings energy efficiency and renewable energy to new markets such as inner city communities. It organizes and develops “Blocs” of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects that target churches, synagogues, nonprofits, and small businesses in the under-served communities of inner-city America. BlocPower then connects institutional and impact investors to these micro-portfolios of projects through an online platform and facilitates the hiring of well-trained, hard-to-employ, low-income workers for projects.

Seeing success from this business strategy, BlocPower has expanded its journey into all communities. Buildings facing emission reduction requirements can utilize the BlocPower Lease to assist in their energy efficient conversion. The BlocPower Lease is designed to make buildings greener, healthier, smarter, and more profitable. The lease helps building owners immediately access energy-saving heating and cooling systems, hot water systems, thermostats, monitors, lighting, solar panels, and energy controls systems for no money up-front. In most cases, building owners will save more than their lease payment and put money back in their pocket each month. With low monthly payments, no money down, and regular maintenance provided by the BlocPower team, you will quickly be able to take hold of your building’s emissions.

Change being the constant variable, BlocPower’s emission reduction system may be one thing you want to take advantage of. Facing heavy fines related to Local Law 97, it is imperative that landlords and building owners start to take a look at what companies like BlocPower can do for them. Creating a more sustainable City may not be the biggest cash generator, but it will make a huge impact on the future of our society and health.

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