Take the Guesswork Out of Tenant Screening With Roomeze!

Screening tenants is one of the most difficult aspects of being a landlord. You need to be equal parts private investigator and human lie detector when deciding who you will allow into your building. You also need to be equal parts accountant and therapist when deciding if people will be compatible roommates. If things don’t work out between them, this can often mean screaming matches, nuisances for other tenants in the building, and long chains of bitter emails that beg you to pick a side in a personal matter that you’d prefer to avoid.

Furthermore, tenant disputes can get expensive. Should the matter become volatile, it can lead to broken leases and lost rent. If things get even more heated, you may potentially even find yourself in housing court trying to recover rent from people who can’t even agree on who owes whom what.

For landlords who are tired of crossing their fingers and hoping for the best when they rent their apartments to roommates, luckily there’s Roomeze.

Roomeze takes the guesswork out of screening. Tenants first pick out where they would like to live from Roomeze’s listings. They then make a profile that outlines the major details of their life—where they work, what their interests are, their lifestyles, and some of their quirks. Roomeze’s Roommate Matchmaker then finds others with complimentary profiles who also are interested in the same apartments. This ensures that the roommates are a good fit and that they love the apartment they all decide on. Roomeze also checks the roommates’ financials to ensure that they can actually afford the rent.

Even better, should things not work between the roommates, Roomeze has developed a means of making sure that you continue to get your rent. All roommates sign a lease for a minimum of one year. They do so both individually and as a unit. Should a single person need to leave, Roomeze finds a replacement. This ensures that the apartment stays rented, which means no rent loss and no time spent fretting about potential vacancies for you.

If you’ve had enough of brokers, vacancies, and attempting to play therapist for your tenants, it’s time to give @Roomeze a try.

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