Solar's Success Tied to New York's Generous Incentives

The boom in solar energy projects continues across New York as more owners of large commercial and multifamily properties see the benefits of going solar. While there are many landlords and homeowners who have decided to go solar because of environmental concerns, the recent surge in the number of solar projects suggests that solar power’s popularity could have more to do with the financial benefits of installing a solar system.

“When you have smart business people, they recognize the success. They’ll follow suit,” Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone told Long Island Business News. “You put the incentives together, but it takes time for people to become aware of what’s out there.”

While it has been no secret that installing a solar system can significantly reduce one’s carbon footprint and operating costs, more landlords are recognizing how the incentives offered by different levels of government can significantly reduce payback period. There are tax credits both at the state and the federal levels, tax abatements at the city level, and up-front discounts through the Megawatt Block program by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

However, these incentives are not going to last forever. This is why owners should install a solar system now rather than wait. If properly financed, it is currently possible to build an entire system without spending a dime out of pocket and obtain a full ROI in just a few years.

For landlords of multifamily buildings, all of this may seem like a lot of paperwork and stress, but it’s actually very easy when you work with someone like Best Energy Power. More than just solar panel installers, Best Energy has been helping owners and landlords navigate the process of applying for these programs since the program’s inception. It’s one of the reasons why Best Energy Power has become the largest commercial solar company in the city with the most commercial installations and the biggest market share.

What’s your roof condition? Fair? Good? As about a possible solution, contact Kevin or Ronnie at Best Energy Power for your free solar analysis today! or 212 730 2267.

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