Member Spotlight: Carmelo Milio, President of Trion Real Estate Management and Trion Holdings

LandlordsNY Member

LandlordsNY Member

Meet LandlordsNY Member Carmelo Milio:

1. How long have you been in the business and how did you get started?

My career got started in 1999 as a sales agent for a Mount Vernon, NY based brokerage while simultaneously managing our family owned portfolio.

2. Tell us about yourself.

I am the proud father of two beautiful girls and my wife and I are expecting our third daughter. In my free time, I enjoy spending it with my family and playing softball, basketball and golf. I’ve also recently taken on a new hobby of managing my 2000 sq. ft. vegetable garden which is a passion passed down to me by my grandfather.

I am the Founder and President of Trion Real Estate Management and Trion Holdings. At both companies I am still very much involved with operations and take great pride in creating growth for our team. As a leader in property management and an advocate on behalf of landlords and boards throughout New York and Connecticut, I feel it is very important to give back to those in the industry who will follow in my footsteps. As a Certified Property Manager (CPM®) from the Institute of Real Estate Management of New York City, President of the Building & Realtors Institute (BRI) and member of the Community Housing Improvement Program of NYC (CHIP), I offer my expertise and time whenever possible.

3. What advice would you give to yourself if you were at the beginning of your career?

Create a goal that equally balances your personal and work life and strive to reach that goal. Stay persistent and focused on the goal regardless of the roadblocks that come your way.

4. What do you find most hopeful in NY's real estate industry?

As the strongest market in the world, I believe there is always room for growth.

What do you find most concerning?

The ever changing regulations on our industry. These regulations make it very difficult for small landlords to conduct business and stay profitable.

5. If you were to do anything else, what would that be?

Real Estate is my passion so I can’t imagine being in any other field.

6. How do you think the business will be different in ten years?

I believe there will be a slight correction on values and there will always be an increase in technology for our industry.

7. What's your favorite book and why?

“Who Built That” by Michelle Malkin. It’s about inspiring stories of men who have had great ideas and created their inventions through grit and persistence.

8. What was your first job?


9. What would you do if you won the Mega Millions jackpot?

Donate to charity and help out those close to me that are in need.

Thank you @cmilio!

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