LandlordsNY Briefing for July 5th

A study conducted by the Center for Urban Future found the Brooklyn, Queens, and New York library systems will require $947 million in upgrades and maintenance to continue serving the community at the optimal level. This number includes not only $434 million for emergency repairs to aging buildings, but also improvements both to accommodate the rise in the number of visitors these libraries see each year and to equip the facilities with more advanced technology.

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle has more.


The Manhattan tech firm Rezi hopes to spend $10 million within the next year purchasing leases on vacant apartments throughout the city. They then plan to rent those units out. The company will pay landlords the rent for the year upfront, even during any vacancy period. This means landlords do not lose out on rental income during the marketing and leasing periods. Furthermore, these timely processes will be handled by Rezi.

Crain’s New York has more.


In a Landlords New York Minute – A (Very) Brief Look Around the World

There are more New Zealanders in Australian immigration detention centers than any other nationality, less than a third of Scottish students plan to remain in Scotland once they graduate, more and more South Africans are not paying their taxes, rumors spread on WhatsApp in India are leading to mob violence, and Berlin’s local government is taking greater control of the city’s real estate market. $2.5 trillion in mergers were announced in the first six months of this year, AT&T is increasing the price of DirecTV despite telling federal judges that mergers help consumers and lower prices, the U.S. private sector added 177,000 jobs last month, U.S. workers are increasingly mobile, U.S. jobless claims remain near record lows, U.S. cheese prices have plummeted to levels not seen since 2009, and businesses are getting ready to deal with disruptions caused by tariffs that go into effect at midnight tonight. The President of the United States reiterated his desire to see the part of the Fifth Amendment that guarantees the right to due process done away with, a federal judge in Michigan ruled that “access to literacy” is not a fundamental right for Americans who are now competing in the knowledge-based economy, a woman climbed the Statue of Liberty to protest the Trump administration’s immigration policies, and mushrooms may one day be used to rebuild Cleveland. Part of Flatbush will be renamed Little Haiti, a green building is coming to Brooklyn’s Sheepshead Bay, gentrification attracts people who would rather play trivia at a bar than see live music, a map reveals all of the major development projects in the South Bronx, Hotel Bossert may open soon, and a pied-à-terre tax may become a reality. Finally, Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo ate 74 and 41 hot dogs, respectively, to win the Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contests.

There are lava tornados in Hawaii, British soccer fans have coined a term when players pretend to be injured and roll around the ground in fake agony, Facebook has determined that the Declaration of Independence includes hate speech, the second Declaration of Independence (only two originals remain) was found in England, a snowy owl was found in the laundry room of Rikers Island, and a statue of German rock legend Udo Lindenberg was stolen from the town of Gronau. No one noticed the theft for several days.

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