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LandlordsNY is consistently out in the field, attending industry events, City Council meetings, etc in effort to uncover information to share with our members. This week was no different! We attended a real estate/ construction trade expo, NY Build, at the Javits Center. Rather than a recap of the event (spoiler alert: it was a trade expo), we thought it would be more helpful if we shared with you some of the interesting new companies we met there and how they could potentially enhance your business and bottom line.

First off, we want to highlight our Expert partners featured at the show; @Best Energy Power, @ACES Laundry, and @Perennial Construction Solutions. All LNY Experts are available to answer our member’s questions within 4 business hours. If you have a question, we’re certain you’ll find the answer at LandlordsNY!

Here’s a quick review of some companies of interest:

Emme - Temperature control for every individual room, claiming to save you on HVAC costs while making your building more efficient. The cost for this smart technology will leverage existing air ventilation with a "brain" device that allows easy communication with each individual room.

Chatfield Green Roofing - Chatfield Green Roofing supplies the North East with Xeroflor mats grown by Chatfield Farms in Central New York. This alternate roofing option may enhance building performance and conserve energy consumption. Installing green roofs on your building may not only benefit your business, but also the ever-changing climate issues affecting our future.

Zehnder - Zehnder America provides high-quality ventilation solutions to promote comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient indoor living. With air quality issues on the rise, Zehnder offers an EPA approved healthy indoor air ventilation system that claims to recycle and refresh stale air while eliminating airborne bacteria and disease within your property.

The Water Group - This company will assist you in your buildings water management conservation. NYC has been faced with increasing water bills due to poor water management, old systems, or wasteful tenants. The Water Group will analyze your system in place, install water sub-meters that allow your tenants to be responsible for their usage, and keep your system's code compliant.

Citibin - Citibin makes outdoor storage more secure and appealing by concealing your trash, safely protecting package deliveries, and improving curb appeal. Why make such a big deal about trash storage? Because trash can be unpleasant to schlep and store and the enclosures on the market lack obvious features like rust-proof hardware and adjustable feet.

Murphy Doors - Murphy Door is the industry leader in creative doorway solutions. A single Murphy Door in a standard doorway can add up to 20 cubic feet of storage right in your doorway! From shoe rack doors to pantry doors, Murphy Doors can make a small unit feel much larger and “more expensive.”

Quick Dam - Quick dam is a compact, lightweight, easy to use solution from nuisance indoor issues to grand scale disastrous storms. They provide products such as Floodgates, Flood bags, barriers, indoor hyper-absorbent drip mats, and many more useful products.

Precision Millwork - Precision Millwork is a unique woodworking company that utilizes state of the art German made, industry-leading equipment calibrated to make any cut with precise accuracy. This company is able to work with any type of design with the precision to maximize the accuracy and speed of the final product.

WindowWork - Window Work is an engineering solution partner focusing on; Aluminium Window & Door Systems, Aluminium Window Wall Systems, Passive House complied Window and Door Systems, Glass Railing Systems. Check out the cool projects featured on the website.

This is no where near a full list of the vendors exhibiting at the show, you can view them all here. As our members know, LandlordsNY hosts first-class, private, landlord-only events large and small. If you are a vendor, or if you would like to recommend your favorite vendor, who is interested in learning more about LandlordsNY, our events, and the many ways we can help to promote your business, please email

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