Improving Tenant Relations Can Improve Your Bottom Line

Understanding the wants and needs of your tenants should be an owner or manager’s top priority. It strikes to heart of what being a landlord is all about, and any tool that can improve your ability to communicate with tenants is a blessing that should be utilized to its fullest potential. When your tenants are happy with their apartments and their building, they will treat it and you with greater respect. They will also be more inclined to stay when the lease is up.

This has two distinct benefits for landlords. On the one hand, it means landlords do not have to lose out on rent due to vacancies or spend money turning over the apartment, and then hiring a broker to show it. On the other, being able to openly communicate with your tenants keeps minor maintenance issues from growing into major and expensive problems. For example, catching a small leak quickly means preventing that leak from becoming a big leak, seeping into other units, creating structural problems, or causing mold. On top of being expensive to fix, these issues can lead to serious health problems and costly violations.

Helping landlords ensure that your tenants are happy and that their needs are being met is the specialty of LandlordsNY’s newest vendor, Tenant Liaisons. Founded by Felipe Olmeta in early 2018, Tenant Liaisons serves as a bridge between landlords and tenants to create a trusting relationship. By serving as independent agents, Tenant Liaison creates a more transparent and trusting environment, which leads to improved communication, happier tenants, and better buildings.

During his time working with a major management firm in the city, Felipe realized that many of the problems that exist between tenants and landlords stem from a lack of trust. By improving landlord-tenant relationships and allowing for more communication, however, he found that he was able to make issues like access and repairs less contentious. This makes life easier for both landlords and tenants.

To learn more about how @Tenant Liaisons works with tenants and landlords, you can check out their site here or contact them by email at

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