How to Make the Most of Your Building's WiFi

Having a dependable internet provider is an absolute necessity for most New Yorkers—especially millennials. For this generation, the internet has become a fourth utility. As mobile devices become the primary means of connecting to the internet, the need for a solid Wi-Fi signal will become essential for any commercial or residential tenant.

One major problem that both commercial and residential tenants face with Wi-Fi service, however, is dead zones. A dead zone is exactly what it sounds like: It’s an area within the range of the router where devices can’t receive a Wi-Fi signal. Though more common in older buildings that were built using techniques that can interfere with Wi-Fi signals, these dead zones can also exist in more modern ones, too.

This interruption of service can upset apartment dwellers or cause some retail tenants to lose business (imagine if part of a coffee shop was a dead zone). It’s even worse for office properties, since any office space that contains a dead zone is virtually unrentable.

The good news is that RCN can eliminate dead zones in buildings at no cost to owners. RCN does this with their Whole House Wi-Fi System, which brings Wi-Fi to every square inch of a building without requiring a costly or invasive rewiring project. On top of eliminating dead zones, @RCN provides your buildings access to its award-winning fiber-optic network, which has been voted #1 in speed and reliability by PC Magazine for three years in a row.

If you want to eliminate dead zones in your building or discover more details about RCN’s lightning-fast network, call (212) 842-7719 for more details.

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