How to Fill Vacancies in a Tough Market

Having difficulties with vacancies? You're not alone. There's currently a glut in inventory, particularly in luxury markets and in Manhattan, and landlords are having to make the difficult decision between cutting rents or giving concessions.

To avoid having to do either, there is a potential answer: SpareRoom.

SpareRoom has become New York City's #1 dedicated roommate and room rental site, largely because SpareRoom helps landlords lower vacancy rates and maximize revenue. Landlords using SpareRoom normally fill vacant rooms and apartments in just 8 days due to their huge tenant user base.

SpareRoom’s premium services can help fill vacant apartments, either self-serve or as a managed service, and save owners money by renewing more leases. Some of their services include:

  • Pro Advertising Packages: Get in front of 300,000 prospective tenants per month with our self serve advertising packages. Packages start as little as $39.00 per month and give our users maximum visibility of your listings.
  • Managed Service: SpareRoom account managers work with your leasing coordinators to fill your vacant spaces. We take care of the entire tenant finding and filling process, and only charge a small fee to landlords and management companies once the apartment has been leased.
  • ‘RenewalSaver’ Service: RenewalSaver helps landlords and management companies increase the number of leases renewed each month. If a tenant’s lease is expiring and they wish to stay, but need one or more new roommates, SpareRoom comes in and saves the lease. SpareRoom takes care of everything from creating and posting the ad to finding the actual roommates to close the deal, and will only charge once a successful renewal has been secured.

To ensure that your vacancies are filled without concessions or rent cuts, contact SpareRoom today. You can email them at

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