How to clean an oriental rug professionally?

Oriental Rug Cleaning and Repair

Many people know little about Persian or Oriental rugs until they inherit one from a parent, grandparent, or another family member. A reliable Oriental rug cleaner should professionally clean Oriental or other handmade rugs.

Dirt that is deeply embedded between the fibers on the rug cannot be removed by routine vacuuming. Having carpets professionally cleaned minimizes the risk of damage by moths. Professional cleaning is imperative if the rug is to be stored for an extended amount of time.

If planning to use the rug, check for damaged areas. Have fringes and selvages repaired and worn pile addressed. It is easier and costs less to have damaged selvages and unraveling fringes repaired when first noticed than to allow them to proceed and compromise other areas of the rug.

Choosing a Professional Cleaning Service

Many Persian and Oriental silk and wool rugs and carpets contain natural root vegetable dyes that will nearly always mitigate into other colors in the rug if not tested before washing and dealt with correctly. A 24-hour dye test must be conducted to ensure dye color fastness and stability.

Expert Oriental rug cleaners spend a great deal of time correcting color run from spillage and floods as well as from other cleaning companies that attempt to clean them with carpet cleaning wands or machines.

Those companies do not have the knowledge or experience to deal with properly and clean hand-knotted rugs or carpets that are vegetable-dyed. Seek a specialist who understands there are no identical Oriental rugs.

The composition and structure of each are different. There is no standard approach to cleaning them. Each piece is dealt with on merits of its own. Oriental rugs are not washed in batches. Mechanical washing is fine for a car but not for cherished silk or wool Oriental area rugs.

No Use of Heat

A mistake often used by the inexperienced is using heat to clean a silk or wool rug. Hot water or heat is not used on a beautiful cashmere sweater. It should not be used to clean an Oriental rug. Experts are often asked if they can save an area rug that was ruined due to heat.

The use of incorrect temperature can cause twisting, shrinkage, and dye bleeding. Specialists who clean Oriental carpets and rugs never use heat. The water they use is cold, and the pH corrected. A new bath is created for each rug.

There is no cross-contamination when a switch is made from one rug to the next. Traditional hand cleaning that uses no batch machines is crucial to maintaining the durability and quality of an Oriental silk or wool rug or carpet.

Repairing Persian and Oriental Rugs

Repair and restoration of Persian and Oriental rugs is a skill and craft that took years to learn. It involves more than grabbing a roll of wool and a needle to achieve temporary results. A skilled craftsperson can appropriately execute authentic and traditional repairs. Look for Oriental rug cleaners and restorers who are certified partners of the prestigious CRI (Carpet & Rug Institute) and IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification).

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