How Landlords Are Using the Insurent Lease Guarantee to Boost Occupancy Rates

Imagine a world with your rent roll being fully covered, at no cost to you. Imagine not having to wait to increase your occupancy rate simply because an applicant does not make more than forty times the rent or has no US credit.

With @Insurent you don’t have to imagine. It already exists.

Insurent, the Lease Guarantee Expert for LandlordsNY, is the first and preeminent institutional guarantor of residential leases in the US for renters who may not otherwise meet the financial requirements of landlords. This includes foreigners with no US credit, recent graduates with a limited credit history, people who may fall short of the 40x income multiple, retired persons, and international and US students. Insurent guarantees the full rent under the lease. Think of the company as the “institutional mommy and daddy” that is also backed by Argonaut Insurance Company, an A rated insurer with $1 billion in surplus capital.

Unless you’re trying to rent out the Palace of Versailles, Insurent will be able to cover the rent.

The Insurent Lease Guaranty Program is free to landlords, and is a great tool for landlords to reduce vacancies, eliminate rent loss, and drive renters to their buildings. Landlords solely accept the Insurent Program; renters pay the Guaranty fee.

U.S. renters normally pay 80 percent to 90 percent of one month’s rent for the one year lease guaranty. Foreign renters without U.S. credit typically pay closer to 110 percent of one month’s rent. The renter can complete the online application in about five minutes, and can access Insurent’s site 24/7. Typically, the Insurent Guaranty to the landlord is issued within a day.

What Landlords Need to Do

All landlords must do to participate in the Insurent Lease Guaranty Program is to sign up each of their buildings. A separate master policy will be issued for each building. This will allow Insurent to issue guarantees and pay claims should a claim arise in those buildings. Signup of buildings normally occurs within approximately 30 minutes. LandlordsNY members also have a direct line to the Vice Chairman and COO of Insurent, Jeffrey Geller (, should any questions arise.

After that, landlords simply need to refer renters to the Insurent website ( where renters apply, and then send an email to with some limited information about the renter including the renter’s name and email, building address, and monthly rent.

Insurent will take care of the rest.

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