Handling Tenant Move-ins & Move-outs

The Checklist

Preparing to rent out your property to a new tenant? Before handing over the keys, we strongly recommend providing them with a move-in move-out checklist. This important document will be used prior to the tenant moving in and upon the tenant moving out in order to assess any and all damages – including both pre-existing damage and new damage. The cost of repairing pre-existing damage, or damage that existed prior to the tenant moving in, will not be the responsibility of the new tenant. However, damage that occurred while the tenant lived at the property may need to be covered by the tenant. In this case, the landlord typically deducts the cost of repairs from the tenant’s security deposit. The move-in move-out checklist ensures that this process is handled smoothly and fairly.

Move-out checklists are especially important when it comes to the security deposit. Security deposit disputes are a big issue between landlords and tenants. If the tenant understands the proper procedures for move-out, including the condition they are supposed to leave the rental property in, it will help minimize these issues. Following these instructions, and adhering to the terms of their lease, will help ensure the tenant receives their security deposit back in full and your property undamaged.

The Move

Without a doubt, one of the major reasons why moving is so stressful is the principal move-related task in front of your tenant – the one that starts from the moment the move is confirmed and hopefully ends on the day of the move, or ideally – the day before.

That’s right, packing for a move is the one job that is set to offer your tenants plenty of stressful situations due to its outstanding duration. Having to consider and handle everything from packing to cleaning and so on can leave your move-out tenant with high stress. One way to help your tenant kick off their packing is by providing a simple box kit that would initiate the packing task for your tenant. A packing kit would allow your tenant to visualize the task at hand and prioritize accordingly. Even if your tenant has enough time until the move-out day, the thought of having to pack each and every little thing that is likely to stress them out, especially if they’re not really sure what to pack first. Providing a packing priority list would also be of great help to the tenant. These can easily be found on the internet and distributed via email or printed out.

Who to Call

From getting packed up to finding a storage unit, there’s an endless number of to-dos when moving to a new home. Fortunately, @Simply Moving can help both you and the tenant in various ways. From a customizable moving checklist, free packing starter kit, personal concierge, and profit share options for the Landlords, Simply Moving is changing the way you and your tenant handle moving. Simply Moving offers second to none customer experience by allocating specific teams to work with that specific building; doing walkthroughs and learning the building guidelines. If you are dealing with a troubled tenant where an eviction becomes necessary, Simply Moving has a specialized eviction team make the eviction process seamless for Landlords by offering full handling the move, Storage, and disposal for 1 flat fee. In conclusion, when it comes to moving, either from a tenant or landlord, Simply Moving may be the best liaison for successful moves. Plus, with new rent laws constricting certain added revenue streams, Simply Moving will offer you a 10% referral fee when you recommend them for your tenant’s move!

To learn more about Simply Moving and their shared revenue offer for landlords, visit www.SimplyMoving.com or call 551-399-9487 and mention promo code #LandlordsNY.

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