Get Your Vacant Units Show Ready With NYC Steam Cleaning

Opening the door to an apartment after a tenant moves out is usually a surprise. Very rarely is it a welcome one.

True, many landlords may have a definition of “swept clean” that your average person on the street would consider overly rigorous, but many tenants seem to favor a light touch—or no touch at all. Rather than leaving the apartment in the condition in which they found it upon move in, they leave without sweeping, dusting, or scrubbing.

When an apartment is left in this condition, getting it show ready can be overwhelming. While there are numerous services one can call to haul away any junk left behind by tenants, taking care of lingering stains and smells is a far more arduous task. It can be especially difficult if the apartment has carpeting and was home to a smoker or a pet owner. One’s nose can be fooled into thinking that they never left.

In cases such as these, landlords should call in the professionals at NYC Steam Cleaning. NYC Steam Cleaning uses the environmentally-friendly power of steam to eliminate carpet and furniture stains, to clean curtains and blinds, to deodorize, and to even take on the difficult task of deep-cleaning grout and tile. Their high-powered rinse, combined with NYC Steam Cleaning’s proprietary cleaning solutions, can blast away even years of encrusted grease and grime.

To ensure that vacancies are given the deep cleaning they need to make the apartment look and feel brand new, call @NYC Steam Cleaning today.

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