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I have a legal 2 family located in Suffolk. 1 tenant has only been able to pay 2 months for the past year but the tenant did make attempts and has been communicating about there situation. The other tenant has blocked me from contacting them and refuses to pay and or leave the home. I would like to continue the case I have and move for eviction on the one bad tenant but use the rent releif program for the tenant that wants to stay and would pay if they could. Would this program work in my case and will I be able to file for relief again with the second tenant after I get word in court?

Any help will be appreciated. I hope I am asking this question the right way.

Thank you

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    My understanding is generally, you can apply for both tenants. However you will need some tenant cooperation to complete the application

    Additionally, since you have four units or less (two in your case) you are eligible to evict (based on the premise of needing the apartment for family or yourself) any and all tenants regardless of whether you get rent relief from the government for them

    Of course, there are a few counties and towns in nys (especially on LI, yonkers, etc) that is handling their own erap and will have slight differences in rules. So you must check with your local municipality,

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      where do you show that evictions may proceed as a result of non-payment of rent, for under 4 units, if the premises are to be used for myself or family? As I understand it, there are NO evictions, period, until this BS moratorium is over. I personally don't think it will ever end.

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