Eviction Moratorium Will Not End

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LandlordsNY Member

as I have stated many times before, the public has become accustomed to not being evicted.. undoing that, will be nearly impossible at this point. It should NOT have gone on for as long as it did, especially since NY has been wide open for biz for a very long time now. NY gave them an inch, they took 10 miles and can't be undone. The sheer fact that the fed can send stimulus checks to TENANTS before the ink is dry by the president, but it takes months/year to release rent relief funds to LANDLORDS tells you something. A competent lawyer can probably structure a legal claim against the state for the state delays and sheer negligence on rent relief distributions. The fact that there is talk about a push to June 2022 (when no one knows what tomorrow will bring) on the moratorium shows you where this is all headed and their agenda. Somehow businesses are now being thrown into the moratorium? I thought the purpose of the BS moratorium was to stop the spread.. how in the world does that impact a business?? especially since biz has been open for a very long time now. Why blanket rules across the entire state? What about biz that do not have apts above them? How does exempting them from an eviction help with the spread? As I have stated before, the ONLY way out of this, would be for all property owners to cease paying property taxes and the system will implode overnight. It would force the scumbags to the table to find an amicable solution. As it stands now, this is nothing short of a dictatorship, voted in by the crap of society and everyone is paying the price for it. Any landlord advocacy group is a WASTE OF TIME. The only ones that got anything done are the realtors in Georgia and Alabama that won the Supreme Court case. What have the landlord groups in NY done? Absolutely nothing. Run by idiots from the top down.

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    • Any updates about getting rid of problem tenants. This whole January is BS they are going say oh it's the middle of winter let move it to June. We need lawyers to fight this now, so they can change the language and allow landlord to rid tenants that worked throughout the pandemic.

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      This Jan date is complete BS. Radicalized and desperate Hochul will extend from Jan to Nov 2022 because next year is an election year and she needs the votes.. so the moratorium will probably go on until at least Dec 2022. As I have said many times before, landlords need to strike across the entire state and stop paying property taxes and file endless lawsuits. But landlords are dumb and keep taking the abuse.

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