​Do You Need an Architect?

Architects are licensed professionals. Like doctors and lawyers, they have completed university programs and lengthy internships, and they have gone through a series of rigorous exams. Their training covers many areas, ranging from landscape design to structural engineering.

This diversity means that architects can see possibilities and find solutions to your individual needs. While a builder or a home designer may make some adaptations at your request, a good architect will anticipate your needs.

What Architects Do

For some projects, architects wear many hats. They may create the design, do the drafting, select the materials, and supervise the entire work process. Ideally, your architect will visit your building site and observe the direction of the sun, note the prevailing breezes, sketch the existing landscapes, and anticipate the best views. For renovation projects, an architect not only knows what will structurally work but will also appreciate symmetry and proportion. For other projects, the architect's role may be limited to drafting up the blueprints. If you have stock blueprints similar to other buildings, you can hire an architect to make alterations.

Higher-level vision

Many landlords facing a redesign of their buildings focus on the end result of what their design will look like. An architect’s expertise is not only sketching up the blueprints but lies in knowing how to manage the project’s incremental steps from concept, to design, to something you can touch. Through a series of schematics, these professionals can ensure proper scaling, refining, and tweaking your initial vision every step of the way. An architectural firm will also be able to bring in contractors and specialists to build the final design, file any permits needed for the project, and install systems such as heating, plumbing, and electricity.

If you have an eco-friendly vision for your remodel or new building, hiring an architect skilled in the latest designs that are environmentally sensitive is a wise move. They consider sustainability during conceptualization and take it through to construction and beyond. An efficient design can save you cash in the long run. So, consider hiring an architect when you’re looking into anything from solar panel installation and recycled materials to eco-friendly thermostats.

Problem solving is a big part of architecture as an architect can help advise on workarounds or help source difficult to find materials. An architect can help a landlord get the best use of their property and confirm rentable square footage of a given space. To sum it up, Architects are a very reliable source of information who can provide multiple different services in order to complete your next project.

As you can see, architects are a wise selection whether it be a full bottom to top design, complex renovations, or even simple problem solving feats of your current buildings. Members of LNY have the luxury of having their very own architecture firm right at their disposal with our Expert - Vine Street Architecture. Depending on client and project requirements, Vine Street offers tailored services and provides fast and integrated solutions for all project types. From Zoning Analysis through the City agencies’ approval process to the completed construction project. With an abundance of knowledge, feel free to contact Esther at esther@vsadpc.com for any questions you may have about your projects!

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