Curb Lack of Service Calls During Construction with "Preventative Maintenance"

Tenant Liaison

Construction, renovation, or repairs can often lead to friction in a landlord/ tenant relationship. From a tenant’s perspective, it's frustrating to deal with noise, dust, smoke and debris. It can be particularly problematic if said renovations cause elevators to slow or temporarily be out of service.

From a landlord’s perspective, you’re making very costly upgrades and improvements to your building for your residents. While your intentions may be good; improving the quality of life for your tenants, enhancing the aesthetics of the building, complying with laws and regulations, we must remember that tenants are living through these renovations and may feel that you didn’t consider them.

This is where calls to 311 originate. Because the landlord or property manager didn’t do due diligence in informing their tenants about the construction. Cue Tenant Liaisons. An ounce of “preventative maintenance,” in this case communication, can curb these complaints. Tenant Liaisons serves as a bridge between landlords and tenants to create a trusting relationship. By working with Tenant Liaisons, landlords can improve their lines of communication with tenants and establish an environment based on mutual understanding, cooperation, and transparency.

Bottom line: Less calls to 311, fewer complaints, decreased vacancy rates, improved cash flow, and less of operating costs being diverted to tenant acquisitions.

Furthermore, members of the team either possess or are in the process of obtaining certifications as lead, mold, and asbestos inspectors. Several members of the team have also been approved as Site Safety Managers by the city’s Department of Buildings.

Are you undergoing or considering any construction or renovations in the future? Contact Tenant Liaisons to help you mitigate these situations with your tenants and curb any harassment or other claims.

Tenant Liaisons can improve your bottom line and the quality of life for your tenants, contact them today at

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