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Repairs before renovations is the motto of Tenant Liaisons, but it should be the mantra of owners and managers, too. On the one hand, taking proactive measures to address minor problems ensures that simple fixes don’t turn into major and costly problems that affect additional apartments. On the other, taking a more active role as a landlord helps to ensure that your tenants are satisfied and that they are eager to remain in the unit when the time comes to renew. For landlords, this means decreased vacancy rates, improved cash flow, and less of operating costs being diverted to tenant acquisitions.

Of course, this strategy is easier said than done. Many tenants are reluctant to trust their landlords for a variety of reasons. However, by working with an intermediary like @Tenant Liaisons , landlords can improve their lines of communication with tenants and establish an environment based on mutual understanding, cooperation, and transparency.

Tenant Liaisons has a proven track record of working with landlords and tenants to create such an atmosphere. The team at Tenant Liaisons come from a wide range of disciplines that include property management, construction, and law enforcement. Furthermore, members of the team either possess or are in the process of obtaining certifications as lead, mold, and asbestos inspectors. Several members of the team have also been approved as Site Safety Managers by the city’s Department of Buildings.

Do you have construction in your building currently? Are you undergoing any sort of renovations? Perhaps you’re concerned about the proposed Rent Laws of 2019? Contact Tenant Liaisons to help you mitigate these situations with your tenants and curb any harassment or other claims.

Tenant Liaisons can improve your bottom line and the quality of life for your tenants, contact them today at


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