4 Retargeting myths that keep you from advertising like big brand

If you’ve ever shopped online (like 69% of Americans) at a big brand store, you’ve probably found that they don’t leave you alone for a while. Everywhere you go, you find advertisements for the specific product you’ve been looking for. It’s an effective marketing technique known as ‘retargeting’. Websites remembers who visits them, and then target exactly those people. It makes sense; people who’ve looked at a product are qualified leads and the perfect audience for advertisements. this is even more true when it comes to local seo.

But don’t let big brand stores have all the fun. As a small business, you can use the exact same tactics. Someone visits your website, and for the next few days, they’re constantly lured to come to your website and finally buy your product or service.

You can do this, and to help you convince you, we bust five myths about retargeting that stop smaller businesses from trying this advertising tactic.

Myth #1 – you need an enormous budget to run retargeting ads

Running a retargeting campaign isn’t buying a TV ad during the Superbowl. You can work a retargeting campaign into your current budget, or start your retargeting efforts with a small budget. To save money, you can even specify which visitors should be targeted, such as people who added a product to their cart and then left your site without buying. The more targeted your campaign is, the less money you’ll spend on the wrong people.

Myth #2 – you need to run retargeting ads on Facebook

Facebook is a popular route for a lot of small businesses, but certainly not the only one. Google has the option for a retargeting campaign, but LinkedIn, Instagram, and other networks also offer their own campaigns. This allows you to pick the network that best suits your (potential) customers.

Myth #3 – you need to retarget to all your website visitors

While a big name brand can afford to retarget to everyone on their website, you don’t have to. Imagine you could upload a list of your customers and target your ads to them – oh, wait, you don’t have to imagine. Most of the networks that offer retargeting campaigns also offer the option to upload a list of existing customers and target just them.

Myth #4 – retargeting only works for physical products

It’s not just companies with products that can retarget. Maybe you remember all the refrigerators after you looked for one, but if you’ve browsed some services, chances are those also used the same advertising tactics. If you have a service, you can also use the retargeting ads that drive visitors to buy your offer.

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