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The Realty Advisory Board (RAB) reached a tentative labor agreement with 32BJ on April 13, 2018. The average annual wage increase will be 2.73%, which will bring the total wage for a typical doorperson or porter to $55,018 by the end of the contract. The average annual wage and benefit increase will be 3.32%, or approximately 13.28% in total, over the four-year contract. Under this tentative labor agreement, New York City’s 32BJ members will continue to be among the highest paid residential building service workers in the country in one of the most heavily unionized job sectors in the city. No surprise to any of you there.

Do not begin to implement any changes, however, until it has been ratified. The Union utilizes paper ballots via mail. They are returnable by May 18, 2018. LandlordsNY will update its members when this agreement has been finalized.

The terms of the agreement can be seen in full here. Below, you will see an overview:

April 2018

April 2019

April 2020

April 2021
















**Dollar amounts shown in weekly increases**

Here’s what that translates to in terms of YOUR cost:





Avg Annual Pay Doormen/Porters















401K, etc










According to Howard Rothschild, attorney for the RAB, there are no “industry rates” for Resident Managers. The RAB operates under percentage increases, so the applicable increase may be based on either $60 or $100K (for example), depending on your agreement. Resident Managers may also give higher 401K contribution. He also notes that Healthcare costs are going up at a higher rate than employment, which is the main factor in the decision.

These increases are not written in stone as of now, but there’s a good chance that the deal will be ratified by the union. Though you don’t have to pull out the checkbook just yet, it would wise to have it handy.

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