• Mechanical Contractor - need a recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good contractor for a basement ventilation job in a multifamily building - someone with mechanical experience, with ducts and exhaust fans? Thank you!

  • Looking for Brooklyn Brick Pointing


    Looking for a mason or contractor that specializes in brick pointing in Brooklyn.


  • How Does Reupholstery Work?

    Whether you have some thrift furniture that is not in very good shape or a well-loved piece of furniture that has gone out of style, you can completely change the appearance with reupholstery. It is time-consuming and requires specialized skills but saves hundreds of dollars and gives a piece of furniture a style of its own for your home.

    The Preparation

    A well-done job consists of stripping the piece to the frame, reinforcing the frame and joints, and replacing the coil and zigzag springs. The piece will have filling, padding, and the fabric added. A common misconception about upholstery is that it is all about the fabric.

    The furniture should be solid wood, not plywood or … read more

  • Eviction Moratorium Will Not End

    as I have stated many times before, the public has become accustomed to not being evicted.. undoing that, will be nearly impossible at this point. It should NOT have gone on for as long as it did, especially since NY has been wide open for biz for a very long time now. NY gave them an inch, they took 10 miles and can't be undone. The sheer fact that the fed can send stimulus checks to TENANTS before the ink is dry by the president, but it takes months/year to release rent relief funds to LANDLORDS tells you something. A competent lawyer can probably structure a legal claim against the state for the state delays and sheer negligence on rent relief distributions. The fact … read more

  • general

    I have a legal 2 family located in Suffolk. 1 tenant has only been able to pay 2 months for the past year but the tenant did make attempts and has been communicating about there situation. The other tenant has blocked me from contacting them and refuses to pay and or leave the home. I would like to continue the case I have and move for eviction on the one bad tenant but use the rent releif program for the tenant that wants to stay and would pay if they could. Would this program work in my case and will I be able to file for relief again with the second tenant after I get word in court?

    Any help will be appreciated. I hope I am asking this question the right way.

    Thank you

  • Noise Management

    My tenants share a common courtyard in my building. One of the tenants is complaining of late noise made by the others. Complaining tenant claims that despite her discussions with the noisy tenants, the noise continues. She has asked I send a building wide reminder about quiet hours. I would rather not get in the middle. Thoughts?


    Cyber Security is One of the Most Important Strategic ...With stories of hacker attacks and security breaches flooding the news on a regular basis, we are seeing that even the most trusted companies are falling victim to cyber-attacks.

    When it comes to cyber security, there is no such thing as being too prepared. All it takes is one cyber-attack to have a devastating impact on your income property.

    The Cost of a Cyber Attack

    The financial consequences associated with a cyber-attacks are extensive and can include any of the following:

    • Liability to individuals or companies for their financial loss as a result of the insured’s breach
    • Notification costs based on mandated notification laws
    • Costs associated with hiring … read more
  • This Spring, Turn Your Kittens Into Rodent Patrol

    Ah, spring. With it comes landscaping changeovers, from plowing to planting, and preparations for the high moving season in many areas. Spring also brings another season: kitten season, the time of year when kittens are born and a reminder to think about your approach to those “strays,” or community cats, on the properties you manage.

    Much the same way that keeping existing residents is more valuable than recruiting new ones, keeping and stabilizing your existing community cat population is more beneficial than removing or exterminating it.

    Understand Community Cats

    First, a crash course on community cats. They are not fully owned by humans, if at all— … read more

  • Animal Accommodation Law Update: Charging Pet Fees

    Service and assistance animals aren’t pets—in a legal sense, they’re medical aids more akin to a wheelchair than Fido. This means that just as an individual who uses a wheelchair isn’t charged for accessible features in their housing complex, someone with a service or assistance animal cannot be charged pet fees.

    The housing providers in two recent court cases have learned this lesson the hard way. Their example serves as an important reminder for community managers and landlords when handling animal accommodation requests.

    1. Virginia residents receive $30,000 settlement for owner’s refusal to waive pet fees

    Both the on-site property manager of a … read more

  • 4 Important Real Estate Insurance Policies

    Real Estate Insurance can be complicated. Sometimes your real estate property or community association demands more options, coverage and expertise. It’s important to find a solution that works for your unique situations and exposures. Here are 4 Important Real Estate Insurance policies you should have in place:

    Commercial Property Insurance

    Commercial Property for landlords is the primary coverage for insuring their risks. Commercial Property Insurance protects covered property from damages resulting from covered perils such as fire, theft and natural disaster.

    Systems Breakdown Insurance

    Real estate owners rely on technology and machinery every day to … read more

  • Landlord "Watchlist" Published; Where's the "Worst Tenants" List?

    The 2020 "Landlord Watchlist" was published this week by the Office of NYC Public Advocate Jumaane Williams. Let's preface by saying that while LandlordsNY, nor its members, certainly aren't condoning landlords that violate the law or endanger the health and well being of tenants, we do take umbrage at hardworking and honest landlords getting slandered publicly in this fashion. Are these landlords allowed to publish "100 Worst Tenants" Lists? What would the public outcry over that be? Out of curiosity, how many landlords on this list do not rightfully belong on it and have they been able to get their names removed? The list, often rife with … read more

  • Protect Your Condo, Co-Op or Apartment Building With Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    Protect Your Condo, Co-Op or Apartment Building With Commercial Umbrella Insurance

    Commercial Umbrella Insurance provides liability coverage over and above the limits of your existing policies. It’s not a legal requirement, but the benefits of having it are substantial.

    Commercial Umbrella Insurance in action

    Commercial umbrella insurance can help protect your New York or New Jersey condo, co-op or apartment building in a range of scenarios. Below are two examples of real-life scenarios (source: LexisNexis) where Commercial Umbrella Insurance coverage was needed.

    • A man suffered severe burns from hot water as a child when his … read more
  • Three Things to Know About Cabinet Refinishing

    Three Things to Know About Cabinet Refinishing

    Your existing cabinets can have a new look with some affordable makeover techniques. If a full kitchen renovation is not possible, the cooking space can have an impressive new look when the existing cabinets are refaced.

    It is a relatively non-invasive, affordable technique that involves replacing door and cabinet drawer fronts with high-quality veneers. Veneers are ultra-thin sheets of real wood. They are placed over the existing face frames and boxes.

    Professional refacing takes old or basic cabinets to a new level in a few days. The cost is much less than replacing the cabinets. The materials, prices, and … read more

  • Knowing Your Rights to Prevent Emotional Support Animal Fraud

    It seems like service and emotional support animals (ESA) are everywhere these days and the ease in which someone can get “certified” raises eyebrows. Is there really an epidemic of people fraudulently using disability protections to bring Fido to the grocery store or avoid a pet fee? Let’s dig into the basics of animal accommodation laws and clarify common misconceptions.

    (Note: We’ve addressed the access laws for airplanes in another blog.)

    Why do people make requests for service and assistance animals?

    An individual living with a disability is entitled to a reasonable accommodation, meaning that the property manager has to make an exception … read more

  • ​How to Become a Low-Risk Landlord

    Landlords - Safe And Secure Locksmith

    If you’re a landlord, you face your share of risks. You may worry about protecting your investment from insurance claims, property damage and lawsuits with tenants. Here are some tips from our friends and LandlordsNY Insurance Expert @Mackoul Risk Solutions that can help you mitigate some of the risks that you face as a property landlord.


    When becoming a landlord there are many different factors to consider. The most important, other than choosing a good tenant, would be making sure that you have the correct insurance coverage in place. Most tenant or landlord policies come with a higher rate since the home is not owner-occupied. The … read more

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